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Paper awards

Best paper student award to the paper presented by Alberto Nai Oleari
“Freeway Networks as Systems of Systems: An Event-Triggered Distributed Control Scheme”

Antonella Ferrara (University of Pavia, Italy); Alberto Nai Oleari (University of Pavia, Italy); Simona Sacone (University of Genova, Italy); Silvia Siri (University of Genova, Italy)

Best paper awards
“System of Systems to Provide QoS Monitoring, Management and Response in Cloud Computing Environments”

Paul C. Hershey (Raytheon, Inc., USA); Shrisha Rao (International Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore, India);
Charles B. Silio Jr. (University of Maryland at College Park, USA); Akshay Narayan (International Institute of Information Technology - Bangalore, India)

“Modeling System of Systems Acquisition”
Nil Ergin (Penn State University, USA); Paulette Acheson (Missouri University of Science and Technology, USA);
John Colombi (Air Force Institute of Technology, USA); Cihan H Dagli (Missouri University of Science and Technology, USA)

Honorable paper mention
“Socio-technical Considerations for Enterprise System Interfaces in Systems of Systems”

Murray Sinclair (University of Loughborough, United Kingdom); Carys Siemieniuch (Loughborough University, United Kingdom)